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The Island

Cyprus has long been a favored destination for international property buyers, drawn to its myriad benefits for both business and lifestyle pursuits. In recent years, the island’s real estate sector has experienced substantial growth.

Boasting an exceptional proposition for investors and residents alike, Cyprus is a full member of the European Union and occupies a privileged location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia. This strategic position affords the island a wealth of advantages that are simply unparalleled by any other country.


How to Buy Property in Cyprus

We don’t just sell real estate, we share the Limassol lifestyle

Limassol emerges as a gem of contemporary metropolitan living. Catering to upscale tastes with high-end boutiques, leading cultural and artistic venues and an eclectic nightlife.

It’s residents delight in this modern playground where the openness and generosity of heart define Limassol’s multicultural character. This is a perfect destination for citizens of the world – one that has tempted so many to make Limassol their second home.

Investment Hotspot

Business hub with over 340 days of sunshine a year.

Cyprus has long been a top pick for foreign home-buyers, thanks to its wide range of benefits for both business and lifestyle and in recent years, the real estate market in Cyprus has experienced remarkable growth.

The island boasts a modern, free-market economy that is primarily service-based, offering a range of benefits for professionals seeking opportunities. With advantageous tax and business conditions, Cyprus is a highly favored destination for those pursuing career advancement.

Several factors have contributed to this expansion, such as the introduction of non-domicile status, additional tax incentives, the relocation of high-level staff, and highly attractive immigration programs.

A unique and unrivalled proposition for investing and living.


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