Planetvision is the boutique property development arm of Planetvision Group, an investment group founded in 2006. The current investment portfolio encompasses varied holdings in industries such as Aerospace, Financial Services, Real Estate, Agriculture, and Technology.

We are committed to building purposeful properties that prioritize sustainability and enhance quality of life.


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Building a Legacy

It’s the question we ask ourselves from the outset. The answer to this question informs everything we do. Whether it’s creating a place, designing a building, or cultivating a new way of thinking, we strive to ensure that our solutions will endure beyond the present moment.

When we are capable of creating anything, how do we ensure that it is something worthwhile? And in projects that may outlive us all, what will be their lasting impact? That’s why we always ask ourselves, what will we leave behind? By taking a deliberate, considered approach to every project, we aim to leave a legacy that will inspire and benefit future generations.

Our goal is to transform real estate into a force for positive change through purpose-driven properties.


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Driven By Innovation

We’re not afraid to think big, invest early or take the path less travelled. We strive to improve and innovate with each project, making the most of our varied skill-sets and embracing the latest in technology and design.

We collaborate with like-minded thought-leaders who share our passion for innovation to deliver projects which stand apart.


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Properties that align with your values and promote sustainable living.

Extraordinary Homes.


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